Year of Less: Week 2 & 3

The past two weeks have been a learning experience.   Being in the east coast, most was spent bracing for Hurricane Florence.  Once we realized we would be spared from the majority of the storm, my husband got the call that he was needed to respond with the disaster management team.   I then prepared to be the single parent for awhile.   I had already prepped some food and we bought some just in case basics (bread, canned goods, and some bottled water).    It wasn’t too difficult not to spend the first week since many business were closed and we spent a lot of quality time at home.

Back to semi-normal, week theee proves to be a bit harder for me.  Keeping up with my kiddos activities as well as working,  we did eat out a couple times. I also gave in to the vending machine at work a couple times.  I also had a dental procedure, but am happy to say I was able to cover without credit cards.

I still am amazed how much of my shopping/spending  habits are tied to emotions and stress.  I continue to work on this aspect of my journey! 


$50 in dining out/vending 

$100 dental work

$45 storm prep

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