Year of Less: Week 1

So,  first official week of my Year of Less.  So many lessons this week.   First,  there are so many ads for so many things surrounding us.    It’s heartbreaking how many different ways were asked to spend money every day.    No wonder you can walk into a big box store and drop $100 and not even know what you purchased!   I think that society has become numb to the influence and it’s not until you take a stand against it that you realize the intensity!

Second, spending less takes effort and planning. The very first day I didn’t plan snacks well for my son or hydrating for my first half-marathon so we had to gran something at the gas station.  Uggh,  not a good start.   However, I did redeem myself by planning some meal prep for the month and bought over 14 meals worth of groceries at Aldi’s for $125.    So glad to have those meals ready to go so we don’t turn to take out!  

Here is what my week looked like:

Sept. 1- bad planning so $3.84 at Wawa for a snack 

Sept. 2 – $11.57 skinny dip (one of 4x per month out with friends)

Sept. 3 – No extraneous spending 

Sept 4 – No extraneous spending and extra $300 paid on credit card

Sept.5 – $12.65 Bookclub

Sept. 6th – None

sept 7th – None

Sept 8th – None

Overall, pretty good progress for the first week and ready to continue!

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