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Because I’m Happy

I have to admit, my last blog post is probably the first time I have been that honest about my depression and anxiety.  Telling the whole internet that I suffer from a mental illness was certainly scary, however, I did it for one reason, I am happy. I finally choose not to dwell on all… Read More Because I’m Happy

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July Updates from Young Living

So many exciting things coming out of Young Living this month! Here are the highlights so far: Guaranteed in stock Young Living is committed to providing pure, authentic essential oils and the best service possible to our members. That’s why we’ve chosen 20 of our most popular essential oils to be guaranteed in stock*, including… Read More July Updates from Young Living

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I get knocked down…

Wow, the first week back after vacation has been a doozie!  Lots of projects at work going full force and busy family life left me pretty run down.  I also admittedly hadn’t been eating or hydrating well and hadn’t been as diligent in my oil use.   So before my equally busy weekend, here’s what… Read More I get knocked down…

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What to give the Father in your life..

I don’t know about you, but I find men impossible to shop for. They don’t often give any hints or suggestions as to what they want.  Or, if it’s something they really want, they just go and get it!  So this year, instead of wandering through Home Depot or Lowes hoping for a gift inspiration,… Read More What to give the Father in your life..

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When life throws a curveball …

All of us have been there, everything is going according to our plan, and then it’s not!  Rather it be unexpected expenses, a change in work/life balance, or any number of other stressors, we all need to be reminded once in awhile how to unwind and let go! I have narrowed it down to two… Read More When life throws a curveball …

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Itchy and Scratchy

My thoughts today are inspired by a recent article I read.  Using probiotics is not something I would have thought of. Being a chronic sufferer of itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, congestion, random itchy skin patches, and more, finding relief has always been a challenge. Scientifically speaking, these symptoms are brought on by the… Read More Itchy and Scratchy

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The Reason Why

A friend recently asked me to explain how I could possibly recommending oils being a pharmacist. So I am going to take this opportunity to explain my philosophy and the driving reason I felt a need to start this website.    My journey with “alternative medicine” actually started out the summer after my senior year… Read More The Reason Why