‘Tis the season

So, it’s fall and temperatures are moving lower and lower (at least in my part of the country).  I love a crisp, cool fall day. It just feels like the world is awake and aware after a heads down, do as much as possible, summer.    

However, it’s not my favorite season for one very big reason, everyone gets offended over something.   This year it’s Starbucks and the red cups,  and the ongoing battle over stores being open Thanksgiving vs Black Friday.    Where are the actual priorities people?

We still have terrorists to fight, the recent Paris bombing should have made it obvious.   There are families just hoping to make it through the holidays with shelter and food available, they could care less which stores are open. There are refugees and missionaries in many countries being prosecuted for their beliefs, they are looking for safety, not to argue if their cups are red or green or have writing on them.  

If people could look at the priorities,  take a shift at the food bank, send a care package to someone in need, buy a present for a child who might not get one otherwise,  the season would be much happier!

Oh and don’t get offended when someone says Happy  Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa or Happy Chanukah. Just say “Thank You” and make their day a little brighter!   

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