This week is inspired by Paul Jarvis and Jason Zook from the podcast Invisble Office Hours. They did a podcast on Things that really struck me and I wanted to share my thoughts on this!

So, I have never been a minimalist and my hubby is not either. Thus we find ourselves after combining households almost five years ago with lots of “stuff” and an illogical fear of getting rid of things in case we need it.  I know part of my issue comes from 2001 when my parents had a house fire and lost everything.  Gone were all the baby pictures,years of collectibles, etc.   I think losing everything but what I had in a hope chest in my college dorm actually made me want to keep more!  

However, I have found myself reversing some of that naturally (or perhaps in response to my slight OCD anxiety). In fact this summer I went through my closet and removed multiple bags of clothes in various sizes.I decided to just be happy with the size I am and to keep only the pieces I really liked.   It actually is totally freeing to get ready in the morning knowing anything I put on I love, fits well, and matches without much effort.  Do an Internet search on Capsule wardrobes if you want to know more!

So now maybe I am ready to do with the rest of my stuff. The guys from Invisible Office Hours identified about 8 things they really felt they needed and I agreed with many of them.  Do this exercise imagining you had to move cross-country with only a box or that you had a short amount of time to evacuate your home. Here’s my list….

1. Hubby, kid, animals – OK not things but definitely the most important in my life, couldn’t imagine not having them around! 

2.   Cast iron skillet –  Totally versatile and used almost every day. The guys also discussed this in the podcast. They also mentioned other kitchen gadgets… I might choose the Kuering as well, coffee fixes almost everything 

3. My Replacement baby blanket and baby book – After the fire, my great-aunt made me a new baby blanket for Christmas and my mom gathered pictures from the family and made new memory books. I lost these things once, never again

4. My grandmother’s jewelry- Again some of the few salvaged things that have great sentimental value 

5……..ummmmmm…… I literally have been thinking for 12 hours about this….maybe my phone or a laptop… But those are pretty much replaceable now that we have “the cloud” to backup things like photos….. Possibly the first piece of art I bought as an adult… But I’m not that attached…. 

This has proven what I guess is a great point, it’s really not the “things” in my life, it’s who is in it, the experiences, and just a few memories.  What a freeing thought that is!   The thrift stores better get ready for the influx!! What would being your must-keep box? Would love to see comments!

3 thoughts on ““Things”

  1. when we moved from Tennessee to Virginia last year, I had to do a complete purge. the amount of stuff we unloaded was tremendous but it still boggles the mind when I look at how much we still have…

  2. For sure keepers would be my iPhone, iPad and Macbook, my wallet with all my identification, insurance and credit cards, my camera, some dog treats in case they are hard to find for my NuNu, and as many pre-Facebook pictures as I can find.

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