My social media vacation 

So, it’s December 19th and  I have decided to take a social media vacation. The goal is to take two weeks off and focus on myself, my family, and starting the New Year ready and willing to be open to whatever it holds.

It’s been about 8 hours and the struggle is real!   Step one was to remove the Facebook app from my phone.  First thing, I realized that I needed to message a sales rep I had bought something from but not yet picked up.  I don’t have her cell number as we’ve always done everything over Facebook messenger.  So I messaged her and have left messenger installed until I hear back, then it’s going too!

I have probably picked up the phone several times an hour, almost subconsciously, then had to put it down again and even walk away to another room.  Holy cow, this really is an addiction!  I keep thinking about recipes I saved and might not be able to find, posts I made in groups I won’t see responses too, family news I will have to get through phone conversations(gasp).   

Maybe I need this break worse than I thought!

This will also be my last blog post of the year but I have two great posts coming in January so get ready!  I also have some great content auto-posting on the Facebook page so check it out!

Until 2016, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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