Just try harder

So once again a podcast has totally rocked my world.   This time it’s by Inspiring Mama and can be found here .

The gist, which is a gut punching but much needed message, is get out of the victim mentality and just Try.

I admit, this is my weakness.  As soon as something isn’t 100% perfect, I want to curl up in a ball and hide. Instead I need to try harder.  

I need to drop the victim mentality and just ” Do It” as Nike says.   Forget the can’t, don’t have time, it’s too hard, I’m an introvert, excuses. If it’s important, I will find a way.  This holds true for business and personal life.   If I can find time to shower and eat and go to work and write my blog and check Facebook, I can find time to exercise, meal prep, and be intimate with my husband. Those things aren’t special, and they are just as import as everything else.   Time to give up the excuses!

Who is with me?   Comment and let me know what you are committed to making time for!

As always, find your balance and live your YingYang Life!

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