Year of Less: Week 2 & 3

The past two weeks have been a learning experience.   Being in the east coast, most was spent bracing for Hurricane Florence.  Once we realized we would be spared from the majority of the storm, my husband got the call that he was needed to respond with the disaster management team.   I then prepared… Read More Year of Less: Week 2 & 3


Year of Less: Week 1

So,  first official week of my Year of Less.  So many lessons this week.   First,  there are so many ads for so many things surrounding us.    It’s heartbreaking how many different ways were asked to spend money every day.    No wonder you can walk into a big box store and drop $100… Read More Year of Less: Week 1

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The Year of Less

According to ValuePenguin,   the average credit card debt in America has been rising.  Furthermore, in recent years, more people have a higher debt amount than those even a decade ago. Photo credit: In just the last few days I have had some major realizations on just how bad my own debt is and… Read More The Year of Less


Simple Strategy to Save In 2018

Like many other end-of-year reviews, reflecting on finances is always a good idea. Forming a budget, controlling expenses, and setting savings goals should be at the top of the list. It is especially important because financial stress can even have health implications. Here are ways to maximize your financial goals: 1. Analyze your cash flow… Read More Simple Strategy to Save In 2018