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5 Tips to Boosting Energy During Stressful Situations

Going through a stressful situation will often leave you exhausted and and even physically sick.  One reason is because your “flight or fight” mechanism is triggered.  This cascade of hormones including epinephrine and norepinephrine and will increase blood pressure, increased blood sugar, and a suppressed immune system.  Stay in this state for an extended period… Read More 5 Tips to Boosting Energy During Stressful Situations

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Pain and Treatment

Three weeks ago I was in a single car accident. I hydroplaned on the interstate and hit two guard rails before coming to a stop. I walked away with seatbelt abrasions and bruises and an incredible sense that I was lucky. In the ER, the physician offered me an anti- inflammatory or a stronger Opiod… Read More Pain and Treatment

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Change is in the air!

Fall…what a great time to implement change!  It’s a natural time to reassess the year so far, implement some things you haven’t done yet, and set up the coming year for success.  For myself. I am refocused on my health and wellness (especially before the holiday meals and parties appear on the calendar). I am… Read More Change is in the air!

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Back to School

Can you believe we’re already half way through August?  Some schools are already back in session, most others will start in the next two to three weeks!  Coming quickly is the turning of leaves to reds ands yellows, pumpkin spice flavors (my favorite) and sweaters and jeans will replace shorts and tank tops. With all… Read More Back to School