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This week when I heard that Joey Feek had passed away I was angry as if it was personal.   When I scrolled through Facebook on March 3rd and saw the posts remembering one of the groomsman from my wedding that passed away three years ago while doing what he loved, fighting a fire, I was angry.  When I remember my dear friend Sarah who passed over a year ago, also from cervical cancer, I get angry.   Such a human emotion that I struggle with, yet, when I remember that it’s God’s will, I feel a bit of peace through my anger.  

For me my grief cycle has looked different than perhaps others. My depression has come before my anger. 

Yet this promise from the Lord is pulling me through to Bargaining.  I am struggling to find meaning, this blog entry is my reaching out and telling my story.  As my preacher said this very morning, “What I am going through is my present, but not my future.”  As we move towards the Easter holiday, I pray I will find acceptance and not slip back through the anger and depression. 

Philipians 4:13 I can do all things through him who strengthens me 

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