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Week Review: Oct 23-30

So, this week has been full of ups and downs.   Anyone who has been on a long journey knows that it is never a straight line, and this week showed that.  My son was sick with a virus all week which was the first thing to throw off the normal schedule.   His congestion and cough was worse at night so no one got a lot of sleep.   I still tried to make it to my 6am workout club but only made it 3 out of 5 days.   I realized how much I value that time in the mornings because evening workouts are almost impossible.

I ended up working from home which is not always easy given the number of meetings I have and also, for me, makes eating harder. Instead of meal prep, I tended to just grab what was available or skip meals all together.  Neither is a good strategy when trying to lose weight and it shows on the scale this week.

I also had some emotional ups and downs.  My birthday was this week, I am now one step closer to 40 which freaks me out for some reason!   This is supposed to be the best time of life but I’m not feeling that right now.   My day certainly wasn’t the best but we did go to eat and spend some quality time with friends who are more like family so all was not lost.

I also am excited to start using my new bullet journal I received to get more organized and keep track of my healthy habits.  In this digital world, I actually find it a bit cathartic to write things down.  It makes it more permananet for me and more concrete to see.  My next goal is to do some picture journaling for inspiration and motivation. Kind of like old school Pinterest!

This weeks goals is to get 5/5 6am workouts in and also some miles running over the weekend.   Oh and to make Halloween a special day for my little boy while avoiding the candy temptations!


Starting weight 192.4

Current Weight 190.0

Weight Loss 2.4


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