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Ultimate Reset

So happy to report that my training trip went well and I did not gain any weight on the trip.    The next week was a bit ugly,   I ate a lot of things I really shouldn’t have and really felt it in my body and mood.    It just sometimes is so hard to keep the straight and narrow all the time.   Now I know this is a lifestyle change and that the longer I do it the better it will get.   I was just feeling frustrated with being in a bit of a plateau and not really enjoying my fitness program totally. So, instead of a cheat meal which is fine occasionally, I just let myself eat whatever for the week. Truth be told O didn’t have anything super fabulous and didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I thought I might.

On to this week, I had already planned on giving the Beachbody Ultimate Reset a try. This is a very specific guided meal plan with supplements that last for three weeks.  The first week is designed to decrease the reliance on animal proteins. However, since I already eat mostly vegan, I followed that plan which really is just no processed foods.   Focus is on fruit consumption, mostly in the mornings, and then a variety of vegetable and protein sources such as tempeh for lunches and dinners.  The portions are pretty large and very filling. Sometimes, I couldn’t even finish them all.     The recipes are simple and use ingredients that can be found at most grocery stores.   I even tried rolling my own sushi!  Tried being the operative word because it didn’t really stick together but still tasted awesome!  The other unique thing is only light exercise is allowed like yoga, Tai Cheng , or walking. Here is a great video with more info!

Week 1 results is a loss of 3 pounds!     Goes to show that weight loss really does start on the kitchen.  Honestly I still wasn’t 100% because life happens but other than some fatigue and grumpiness due to sugar withdrawal I feel pretty good now by Day 7.  Can’t wait to see what the next two weeks bring!

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