Top 5 Back to School Pinterest Boards

I will fully admit I am not the creative room mom everyone envies!  I am likely to get store bought treats
So as you probably do I turned to Pinterest to get ideas for back to school wellness, meals , and crafts. Here are my top five!

School Lunches

Catherine McCord at has some perfect food choices.







I don’t know about you but organizing kids stuff seems next to impossible! This is a great board for ideas.



Once they are back in the classroom, it seems kids share everything. To keep your little ones (and yourself) feeling at 100%, we’ve compiled a great group of tips and tricks!



Teacher Gifts
While I am sure that teachers appreciate any number of gifts they receive, I try to be more original than wine or retail gift cards.

Two Sister Crafting had a great board with lots of ideas I think I could pull off quickly!








School Parties

For my son’s pre-K class, the parents split up the school parties. Although my responsibility doesn’t come around until Easter, I’m already looking for ideas. Heather at Chickabug has some great ones!

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