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This Isn’t Happening

So, St. Patrick’s Day was supposed to be about personal records and rededication to running by completing my second 1/2 marathon. Except, the Monday before said race, I somehow pulled/tore my quad muscle. Tuesday I was limping but still debating on running. After talking to several friends and my dear husband, I deferred my entry until next year. I was in tears filling out the paperwork, and it really threw me for a loop the last 10 days.

I have definitely been self-sabatoging. My so carefully planned diet of the last two weeks went out the window. The worse I ate, the worse I felt, and that just started another binge. I mean, really what’s the point right? This is always my default, and I’m really seeking ways to change that mindset. As a coach and health professional, I know weight loss is done in the kitchen and workouts don’t have to be a part. Or I could do work all the other muscle groups until my leg is healed. But if I can’t do it perfectly in all aspects, I just don’t want to do it.

Thank goodness , I was already scheduled to attend a Women’s Conference this weekend. Although in a complete different context, the speaker really made me realize what was happening. Perfection is an impossible end point, and it only leads to disappointment which leads to deception which leads to temptation which leads to wrong actions. And around we go.

We need, instead , to look at where we are and strive for excellence not perfection. And also remember our journey is so much different than anyone else’s.



P.S. A few postitive pictures from this week!

My kiddo ran the Final Mile.
New Puppy

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