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The Year of Less

According to ValuePenguin,   the average credit card debt in America has been rising.  Furthermore, in recent years, more people have a higher debt amount than those even a decade ago.

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In just the last few days I have had some major realizations on just how bad my own debt is and the fact that spending money, can be a replacement for any other kind of vice such as alcohol or unhealthy eating.

Due to inspiration from Cait Flanders’ book “The Year of Less” and Anna Newell Jones’ “The Spenders Guide to Debt-Feee Living,  I have decided to embarked on a year long journey of my own.  

The rules I have set for myself is as follows:

What I’m allowed to shop for

Groceries and basic kitchen supplies 

Cosmetics and toiletries (only when I run out) 

Cleaning products 

Gifts for others 

Items on the approved shopping list 

What I’m NOT allowed to shop for

Clothes, shoes, accessories, Books, magazines, notebooks, Household items (candles, décor, furniture, etc.), Electronics, Items from the vending machine at work

Approved Shopping List

Books for bible study 

One new outfit per season

2 take out coffees a month 

I can also purchase anything that must be replaced, but the original item has to be tossed or donated

Results from Inital planning/prep

So, knowing that I have a big number to work on I terms of my debt,  I started to put some things in place immediately.  I know that ads and social media (FOMO) are huge triggers, so I immediately started unfollowing all of the shopping related groups I belong to. As well, I knew I needed to unsubscribe from a bunch of email lists and cancel my subscription box addictions.  The results are as follow:

23 Facebook groups unfollowed

2 bags of clothes donated (50% of workout; pajamas)

50,000emails deleted from Gmail!  

$300/year Sparkle Hustle Grow – cancelled

$200/year FabFitFun box – cancelled

$800/year Stichfix. -paused

$340/year Hulu-cancelled live TV

This is just the beginning of my journey.  If you are interested in joining,  check out my Year of Less group on Facebook.   And check back for more updates along my path to less debt!

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