The Journey toward Gratitude


quality of being thankful

As January comes to a close,  my focus for 2018 has never been more clear.   My personal accountability to myself and others has been tested daily and I am even more determined to stick with it.   What has helped me through, more than anything else, is gratitude.

For Christmas, I received a beautiful journal from my mother.   Immediately I decided that it didn’t deserve my normal journal entries which are a lot of emotional venting and often a way to get the negative thoughts out of my head.   Instead, I wanted this journal to be different. I wanted it to be a place to turn to when I was down and find goodness within its pages.  I wanted to prove hat i had more than negative thoughts, I also have positive and grateful thoughts. This, my gratitude journal was born.

I admit I haven’t had the discipline to journal daily although I am still working towards that.   Yet it already is bringing me so much joy.   It’s catching those sweet memories of one on one time with my son, it’s reminding me how blessed I am to have a tribe of women who truly get me and stand by me, and it shows just what a strong relationship I have with my spouse.

In the world where there seems to be so much pain and unrest,  watching for the good instead has really changed my day to day actions.  I take that extra minute to wish the person passing me in the hall a good morning and acknowledge the kind words of others with a thank you. I take pleasure in the simple sound of my child giggling at the TV (even if he is supposed to be in bed already)!  My mood is definitely better than the recent past.

I also find it easier to be physically active.  Just thinking about those who may not be able to be active due to illness or disability, pushes me to go just a little longer or harder. Especially with my shoulder injury last year, just the fact that I am recovered enough is something to be grateful for!  I will not take my health for granted as it is not guaranteed.

Gratitude may not be able to solve everything, but I believe adding just a little to your day will solve a lot!

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