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Surgery and Moving Forward

Well I am officially one week out from surgery  on my shoulder. The good news is that it was less damage than we originally thought! I still have physical therapy ahead and probably a while before I can work out fully, but I am excited that the worst is over and that I can really look towards smashing this fitness journey!

One thing I realized while not being able to do much and doing a lot of reading, is that I am often focusing on my weaknesses instead of my strength and the strength of my God as well.  This has led me to slip back time and time again.  I don’t have the strength to do this by myself.  Yet, I have  an awesome tribe of women in my fitness accountability groups, a husband who loves me just as I am and is always willing to go with my wild ideas, and a loving and patient God .

Moving forward is bringing a whole new perspective!   It’s also bringing some really fun things!  I am offering a free online group which will always have a fun challenge or educational series going! Join the Fit With Emotion Intel Group  and hang out today!

i also have opened a rocking new t-shirts and more shop!   Some great merchandise ready to express your fitness love can be found at the Fit With Emotion shop! 

Can’t wait to see the future!

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