Start getting real

What happens when you start getting real….. we spend so much time in a social media, everything is awesome mindset, we’re not being truthful to ourselves.

I recently took a short break from social media, took the apps off my phone, and sat with myself on what was actually happening in my life. The picture was far from perfect.

I have posted blogged about my weight and fitness journey for awhile. It’s no secret that I’m overweight and approaching 40. It’s no secret that I have tried and failed multiple times to lose even a small amount of this. The real part…..I totally self sabotage at every step. I might post about the healthy shake or salad I have for lunch….but then binge on a sleeve of cookies that night. I admit I have some disordered thinking about eating also also use it as a crutch. I failed so why try again, I can’t do this perfectly so I may as well not start. That’s all just a BS way of getting out of putting in the hard work. So I commit to doing better. I am going back to a mostly plant based lifestyle. Dairy and animal meats don’t particularly agree with me even if they taste amazing. And there are so many more options here days , it’s silly not too. I also am doing WW, it helps with tracking and accountability because clearly I can’t do it myself.

Same with my running. Yes I’ve done a half-marathon and various other races, but truthfully I’ve prepared very poorly. It’s no wonder I’ve had injuries and set backs. This has to stop and it stops now. I can’t wait to see what happens when I actually complete an entire training program full out! This includes cross training on the days I’m not running.

This is the start of my being real.



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