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Sleep Habits

I have horrible sleep habits. I know this because it’s 11:45pm and I am researching cures for insomnia and better sleep habits.  I have tried many techniques, mediation before bed, TV on and TV off, wedge pillows, sleeping in all kinds of positions, the list goes on and on.  I can’t blame just one thing for my bad sleep, I am sure it’s a culmination of things.

For one, I am a worrier.  As in jump to worst-case scenario, something is always wrong, checking on my kid every half hour when he was a newborn, worrier.  So put me in a quiet dark room and all the what ifs come in to play.  I am also a light sleeper, perhaps more so now that I am a mom.  I wake up to the slightest noise and can be up for the next hour listening and worrying as above.  Next, my husband volunteers at the rescue squad night shifts. So often it’s just me and my kiddo at night. He is a night owl who would stay awake all night and sleep all day if I let him. We also have been co-sleeping for awhile which is fine when it’s the two of us but all three in the bed with at least two of the four dogs at any given time and someone is always bumping me, snoring, or otherwise disrupting my sleep.  So, I am setting off to find a better routine and I am finding that sleep training is not just for infants. Here are some ideas I have gathered and I am hoping they will work for me and you!

1. Low light, cool room, and ambient noise
It’s all about making the from match your natural body progress. Melatonin apparently is released by the pineal gland which is most active in low light conditions.  Similarly, your body lowers the core temperature at night so the room should be set to allow this to happen instead of trying to keep you toasty which can interrupt that cycle.  Lastly, using something like a white noise machine can help keep your brain from being distracted by the any number of sudden noises that could occur.

2. Turn off the electronics

It’s really about brain stimulation. The light from the  phones as well as the emotional response to the content of what you’re looking at can impact sleep.  Again the light shorees melatonin release which in turn keeps you from getting sleepy.  And who can sleep when they get around to reading that email that came in after hours that has major implications for the next day.  Your brain will want to get to work instead of letting you deal with tomorrow, tomorrow.

3. It’s self-perpetuating

The more often you stay up late, distracted by everything, you’re actually training your body that it’s normal.   Thus making it harder over time. Just as you have to work not to hit the snooze button at the beginning of the day, one must all retrain the brain to settle down earlier.

I found lots of great info at https://sleepfoundation.org.  Check it out, Find your balance and live a Ying Yang Life.

3 thoughts on “Sleep Habits

  1. I HAVE to have white noise. We have an air purifier that I just love the sound of 🙂 I’ve also been trying to stay away from screens right before bed. (But that’s a hard one!)

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