Reason vs Excuse

I have been challenged the last few days to really take a hard look at things and decide if I have a solid reason or if I’m making an excuse.

I’ve taken some time off of exercising due to my quad issue. I said I would still do some things fa like arm and abs workouts, but the days have been full of excuses like I’m too tired or too busy to do it. So I’ve done nothing. While I’ve been pretty good with my food by meal prepping, I still have had some failures there as well. Nothing says you’ve eaten out all weekend like a 5 pound gain on the scale! Now I know that a lot of that is due to sodium and I’ll up my water game for a few days. But it’s still a moment to pause and really think about what I’m doing.

While I have been making excuses, I also decide not to do that and went ahead with a planned run yesterday. It was a unique 5K with 1.5 on the sand and 1.5 on the boardwalk. Guess what, I did it, albeit a bit slower than I might have before, and my leg held up. So there goes the no exercise excuse. I just have to modify a bit. Your body is always stronger than your mind.

Your body is always stronger than your mind.

So back to Day 1 of exercise and concentration !



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