On the road again….

It’s summer and, at least in my family, it wouldn’t be complete without our annual road trip. This year we drove from Virginia to Denver,CO and back in the span of two weeks! Part pleasure and part business, I had plenty of time to reflect on what I had packed, what I might do differently next time, and what I had forgot! Here is the top 5 results of all that thinking, for better or worse!
1. Make absolutely sure you have packed your child’s favorite thing!
First issue we encountered is that we had forgotten “Scout”, my toddler’s stuffed best friend. When he started asking for him about two hours in to the 20 hour drive and neither my husband or I remembered grabbing him. We knew we were in trouble. So we found the nearest Wal-Mart and bought Scout 2.0. Crisis averted!

2. Situational awareness of your anticipated stops are key!
Actually learned this the hard way last trip out and improved on it this trip. If you are planning on playing your overnight trip by ear based on energy levels, start planning at least a few hours out… And make sure there aren’t any large conventions( as in 50,000 participants) in the area, or you may be forced to drive several hours past your anticipated stop.
3. Technology may be key….
So I know that screen time for toddlers should be limited. However, even the most patient toddler will get a at just looking at books, out the windows, etc. We did provide some creative outlets as well including a magnetized chalkboard that he could draw on and use to play with magnets. However, we did pull out the tablet after awhile. We had pre-loaded episodes of his favorite PBS shows so they were at least educational! Note: if your child will tolerate headphones this is the way to go, otherwise you’ll find yourself memorizing the episode or Super Why you’ve heard 15 times…in a row!

4. Can’t forget your oils!
The Savvy Oiler did a great article last year on this!

Here are some bonus oils you might consider:

Oola Fitness:
Vacation is definitely not the time to give up the fitness routine. You will already, more than likely, be eating out more. Even so, you may need to be creative with your workouts and invest in some fitness apps or take advantage of your location. To encourage yourself, use Oola Fitness!
From Young Living:

Your physical health affects everything you do and every area of your life. Fitness is about feeling good, looking good, being healthy, and being productive. It’s how you move your body and what you put into your body.
The INFUSED Fitness™ Inspired by Oola essential oil blend has been specially formulated to uplift, energize, and give you the inspiration to set and achieve your strength and fitness goals.
Fitness affirmation: I am fit, healthy, disciplined, and strong.
Oola Fun
Even though they are meant to be relaxing, let’s face it, vacations come with their own level of stress. Support your emotional needs by using Oola Fun to set the right frame of mind every morning!
From Young Living:
Fun is a very unique category to you. It is whatever activity or hobby you are personally passionate about. If you don’t have time for fun, then you need more fun in your life!
The INFUSED Fun™ Inspired by Oola essential oil blend has been specially formulated to help promote uplifting, revitalizing, and euphoric emotions. This blend’s fragrant aroma boosts self-confidence to impart a positive outlook that can enhance the pleasure of pursuing the joys of life.
Fun affirmation: I am pursuing the joys of life.
Carrot seed and RepelAroma:
If you plan on spending anytime outside, mix 5-10 drops of each in some fractionated coconut oil and create a quick sun and bug away spray!
RepelAroma—a unique combination of Citronella, Idaho Tansy, Palo Santo, and Melaleuca Alternifolia
5. Skin care and dash out the door looks
Even if vacation is a bit more casual, having a good skin care routine remains important. You might also have that occasional occurrence where a bit of makeup is helpful! Here are my recommendations!
At a minimum, Mary Kay cleanser and moisturizer for skin care. If you have room, bring your Day and Night solutions too!
Mary Kay CC Cream – With only four colors, this amazing product works with every skin tone for a very natural look. Importantly, it has a SPF 15 to protect your skin from the sun’s rays!


Mary Kay At Play® Shadow & Liner –  On-the-go, multitasking eye shadow and liner in one.

  • Ultracreamy formula for a smooth application.
  • Rich, true-color payoff.
  • Fade- and smudgeproof.
  • Shadow offers a pearlized finish that blends easily.
  • Liner is buildable – stay subtle or go bold.

Mary Kay Waterproof mascara– Every girl needs a little mascara, and waterproof makes sure it doesn’t leave unwanted marks down your cheeks!
Mary Kay At Play® Lip & Cheek Stick – Works double duty for a glowing blush and a picture-perfect pout.

  • Supersoft, creamy texture
  • Smooth application
  • Buildable – stay subtle or go bold.

So, wherever the road may take you this summer, as always, my hope is with all of this information, you’ll find your own comfortable balance and live a YingYang Life!
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