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No Excuses

The mantra for this week, No excuses.  I starred strong with a new eating plan and new workout rountine. Moving from toning and strength back to fat burning.   These workouts are shorter, just 30 minutes, but I sure am working up a sweat!

I also am following a carb cycling meal plan.   This consists of two days of  only high protein (7 servings) and vegetables (4 servings) with just one carb serving. Alternating with a day of normal eating including 3 carb servings, and 3 fruit servings.   The first day was certainly tough and I got the classic sugar withdrawal headache.  However I have kept at it and am really enjoying the challenge.  Amazing how good fruit tastes only having it twice a week.  Now you might be thinking this seems impossible.   I am only doing this short term (21 days) and it is recommended only doing this type of cycling 3 or 4 times a year.

I did aggregate the shoulder I injured in a car accident early this year.   I upped my weights a little too much arm day and my body is making me fully aware of it. Yet, I continue to workout just without weights. I am still moving and not giving up and I am seeing it on the scale and in the fit of my clothes.


Starting total inches 236.5

current total inches 217

Inches lost 19.5

Starting weight 192.4

Current Weight 185.6

Total weight loss 6.8




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