Month of Positivity

I don’t know about you but February may just be my least favorite month.   Sure Valentine’s Day is thrown in there but really, shouldn’t you be showing how much you love your significant other every day not just on one day.    Plus, it’s stressful finding the perfect gift and card that’s sentimental but not too sappy.  Now, I did get engaged on Valentine’s Day,  so I can’t say it doesn’t have some memories but still….     

February also is often cold and spring still seems so far away.   It’s like the month is made for Winter Blues.   So, I am hoping to change that this year.   We’re going to explore some great ways to keep the positivity up each week and be ready for March and the coming of spring.

Week 1 – Self Love

This topic is often written about, and yet, something we are not good at putting into action.  All of those resolutions and intentions we made at the beginning of last month may be a memory if we didn’t focus on ourselves and then.  So, for week one, I challenge you to set 30 minutes aside for self love!  This could include meditation, reading some personal development, or journaling.  Just take time to remember who you are and what you want out of life. 

Week 2 – Give back

Yes this week includes Valentine’s Day but as I said, you should be expressing your love every day. So rather than focusing on the commercial holiday, I challenge you and your significant other to show your love to others instead. Volunteer at your local food bank or homeless shelter. Look on Pinterest for ideas on care packages and hand them out to those in need. Make an appointment to give blood.   Give back to your community and I am sure you’ll discover it feels really good! 

Week 3 – Make things brighter 

This week is about getting out of those winter hum-drums.   Let’s make things bright both in real life and on line.    My normal wardrobe consists of a lot of black and grey but this time of year I often try to incorporate a pop of color using scarfs or belts.   You can also commit to attending a paint or pottery class and create something with great colors for your home or office.   Online, let’s fill social media with pictures of ideas for spring and positive quotes to help others get past the Winter Blues as well!

Week 4 – Gratitude, Laughter, and Passion

This week is about dialing in to your emotions.   Start a gratitude journal, try by writing down just three  things each day you are grateful for. I am also challenging you to find an opportunity to laugh every day this week.  Being serious all the time just isn’t good for anyone.   Lastly, spend 30 minutes every day exploring something you’re passionate about. What hobby have you put down that you’d like to restart?   Explore those things that make you happy and stop doing anything that doesn’t.  

After this four week challenge, we should all be ready to take on spring! 

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