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Lessons from the road 

This weekend I had the honor to participate in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk.  This was truly a mental and physical test for me. I will be honest and say I didn’t train at all like I should.  I haven’t walk more than a mile since a foot injury this spring. I also was super inconsistent with any other form of exercise Yet, I was pleasantly surprised at how I did. Here are some other things I learned.

1. You can be alone but not lonely

There were sections of the road where I did not see anyone in front of me. I was alone, but not lonely. I knew that even when I couldn’t see them, there was support near.  Either on a van driving by checking on the walkers, or the road safety folks waiting at the busy interesections. Such a true parallel to life, the moments I have felt lonely have been when I have pushed my support system away.   It’s ok to walk alone  sometimes, it clears the mind and soul.

2. Push when you can and give yourself grace when you need to

The first day I felt amazing,  the miles went by fast and I didn’t get any major blisters (just a couple of under the nail bruises from walking downhill).  It was a bit more of an incline than I was used to but I pushed up the hills.  I figured after a good night sleep I would be ready for day 2 with no issues.   Then I woke up day 2 and knew it was going to be long. I was super stiff and eating breakfast didn’t really sit well with me.   We started off and at first it was cool and I thought I’ll be fine once I warm up the muscles.  Just before lunch (about mile 9) there was a big hill called “The Wall”. I took one look and knew the sweep can was the only option. So up I went in the van to lunch with no regrets.  Started out again but about mile 13 started getting a little dizzy and light headed. Thank goodness I hit a pit stop about that time. After some Gatorade and a rest on the cot, I decided to give myself more grace and take the van to the last pit stop. So glad I did because I was then able to walk the last two miles into camp feeling strong and no regrets. 

3. Having a goal and reaching it is the best feeling ever! 

This was a huge goal for me. I needed to prove to myself that despite my recent injuries and battle with depression, somewhere in there an athlete still lived. Somewhere deep down was someone who didn’t stop short when it was tough.



Someone who good push through and make it to the end.  Guess what, I found her. She was still there and mile by mile this weekend she emerged.   She is ready, she is re-energized, and she has fierce determination that this will be the year to remember!  She made it across the finish line this first weekend and she will do it again a year from now when 60 is the pounds list on the scale!










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  1. Congratulations! That is a tremendous accomplishment. I also love the way you’ve decided to use a blog as an accountability tool for your goals. I think that’s so clever! 🙂 I’m not brave enough to pursue my own weight loss journey right now but I realized that the three things you’ve outlined here are also completely applicable to my journey toward completing my novel. Thanks so much for your insight!

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