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Lessons from a three year old

My son turned three this week.  Everyone says time goes so fast with a little one and before you know it they are grown.  I’m not sure I agree totally.   There are days and weeks that went by so slowly while he struggled as an infant with lactose and soy inteloerance, his second year when he struggled to walk, and his third year when he just seemed to consume and live off knowledge and understanding ( and peanut butter and jelly).  I know this is his formative years, but I have learned just as much as he has. Here are three life lessons from my three year old. 

1.  Love everything

Recently, anything new my son encounters is met with a “I just looooove ….” Be it broccoli, the moon, ducks, whatever it is he loves it. At least at first glance which is really a great way to look at life. It’s a don’t knock it till you it, glass half full kind of existence.  If only at work I could look at a project and say, ” I love a short deadline” instead of grumbling immediately.  Perhaps I would find a glimmer of fun and excitement in the challenge.

2. Laugh

Nothing melts my heart and puts me in a better mood than to hear my sons laughter.  It’s pure and honest and just a perfect reminder to not be so serious.  In fact, “seriously”‘is one of his favorite words.  He’ll look at me when I am hurrying him to get ready, finish eating, etc, start to giggle and just blurt out “seriously”! As if to say, “Mom, lighten up already!”  He laughs all day long and even his temper tantrums usually end in laughter over something that cheers him up.

3. Feel fully

There is no words like “just ok”, “mediocre”, “fine” in his vocabulary. Every emotion is shown on his face and through his actions to it’s greatest extent. He has been known to tear  up when he thinks he’ll “never see … Again”. Leaving the park, the gym, school, he just so fully invests himself in every experience. He feels for the characters in his TV shows and you can tell he is concerned when they are “in trouble”.  People and animals quickly become his best friend, best dog, etc.   He doesn’t hide his emotions, doesn’t feel the need to, and that is something I hope remains in his personality.
I know I will try to emulate him more and hope that he doesn’t lose his innocence too soon. I hope you Find your balance and live a Ying Yang Life.

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