Knowing Your Cholesterol – Why Does it Matter

I went to my yearly checkup with my physician this week and he ordered lab work as well.  I’m always eager to get the results, just to make sure that there isn’t any warning signs of trouble even though I have been feeling great.  I was surprised when the results of my cholesterol levels.My triglycerides specifically, were in the borderline category, and my HDL was low.  So I did some refresher research to see what I could do to improve those numbers without jumping on the medication bandwagon.  Here are some helpful hints which I need to follow more closely:

  1. Diet – Easiest way to describe is whole foods diet.  Fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins like chicken and fish. Fish is also great for omega-3 fatty acids. If you don’t like fish, you can also choose to take a supplement.  The one I like can be purchased here. Also boosting the healthy fats like those found in olive oil and nuts.
  2. Exercise – We all know this is a necessary step to healthy living.  My physician suggested 30 minutes daily and also stated that it didn’t have to be all at one time.  Several 5-10 minutes walks throughout the day work just as well.
  3. Additional supplements – Niacin (nicotinic acid) is available both prescription and over the counter.  It is found in many B-vitamins like this one.  Another great supplement is psyllium, especially if you are still working on increase the fiber in your diet.


Hopefully you are also regularly getting your lab work done and know where you stand.  Following some simple steps will keep you in the normal range and at lower risk for heart disease and stroke.


I hope you find your balance and live a Ying Yang Life.




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