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Just Do YOU

This week has been a mess, I will readily admit it!  My husband has been at a search and rescue conference since Wednesday.  To all you single moms out there, bless you.  It is hard work being everything to a toddler and getting no break! Plus add the joys of potty training and stressful work circumstances and it’s no wonder I’m an emotional wreck.

On the positive side, I started a new workout and diet routine, complete with a challenge group which I love for accountability.  My foot has limited some movements but even that is getting stronger by the day.

But enough about me and my life,  I want to talk about YOU.    Are you being your true authentic self?  Are you hiding behind your work, your spouse, your weight, your children, your friends?  Are the things you’re involved with and spend money on truly a reflection of yourself?  If not, STOP IT!  Seriously, just stop.  There is no shame in walking away from commitments if you’re not really committed.  There is no shame in walking away from friends who are dragging you down. I am not saying walk away from your spouse and children, but I am saying stop hiding behind their wants and desires.  Find one day a week, at least, to DO YOU.   Is that kickboxing?  Getting a massage? Holing up and reading with a glass of wine at your side?  Whatever it is go and DO IT.  Don’t feel bad or guilty, feel proud and strong.    Believe me, your relationships and your emotions will be better because of it.

Find your balance and live a Ying Yang Life.

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