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It’s the Journey – Not the Destination

Yes, it’s a bit cliché.   It’s something we hear all the time, something we see all the time, but have you ever actually thought about it.  I hadn’t until I was sitting in the doctor’s office last week and he said it as he was examining my foot.  He said, you know, it’s not about running the half-marathon, it’s about the journey of training.  And if you try to train through the pain, you’ll only make things worse and spend many more months in recovery.   It hit me sitting there, he is so right, and it can be applied to many situations.

Weight loss is a great example. How many times have we started that journey with a firm number in mind?  That’s the destination and we want to be there as soon as possible, but what about the journey?  Have we truly prepared our mind for the road ahead?  Are we ready for those twists, turns, and work pot-lucks? I’ve also tried training through the pain in this realm too. Restricted calories, restricted foods, high-this, low-that. None of it is a long-term solution, and, at least for me, the time in recovery (or food rebellion) that happens on the upside of the yo-yo is not really that great either. Then my brain and gut is often just miserable. It can’t be all about the destination any more, it has to be about the journey.

Relationships can be the same way. There is always a journey to be had, rather friendship or romance, there is work to be done.   Relationships cannot be the destination, or they become stagnant and fall away. So schedule a date with your spouse, or call that friend you’ve been meaning to connect with. Don’t ignore the pain in these either and just keep going through the motions. You have to address it, treat it, get counseling if necessary, but acknowledge it. Otherwise the recovery may not happen and the damage may be permanent.

So yes, it’s about the journey, not the destination. In fact, the destination may change. What once was important may become less so as you move closer to it. Enjoy the journey, don’t take it for granted.

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