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It’s Been Too Long

How have I not blogged since May?    Honestly, I have no idea where the year went?   Let’s see if I can catch you up on what’s been happening in my world since the spring!



I attend the Beach Body Summit with my coach and thousands of others. I was able to work out on the street of Indianapolis with the super trainers and really focus my attention on learning about this great company!

My fellow coaches!


My sister got married and I was able to spend time with family.  Such a fun time and so incredibly happy that I could share those moments.


Remember back in May when I signed up for the Rock-N-Roll 1/2 Marathon!  Well, I stuck to my word and completed it in just over 4 hours.    While I am certainly not fast, I proved to myself that it is really mind over matter and that I can do hard things when faced with the opportunity.


If 13. 1 miles wasn’t enough  for me,  I once again participated in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk!   60 miles in 3 days all for charity ,boy were my feet tired after that!

The beginning 


November and December have all about me coming to terms with my lack of activity since the 3-Day walk.  I have faced some mental obstacles and lack of self motivation.   Trying to find a program that works for me and keeps me motivated and pushing has been difficult.   However, I still managed to run a 5 mile Santa race and sign up for two more. The first is a fun run on Jan. 1st of 2.019 miles.  These second is the Shamrock 1/2 Marathon.   Yep, I really want to get my time under 4 hours and push myself again. If I have found out anything, it’s that I need a goal to work for. 

Even my kiddo got in on the excitement

I promise it won’t be so long again before I put out an update. Look for a new look and feel to my posts!



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