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How Is It August (and why does my body hate me)

Seriously, it’s August? Where did the time go?   July in all its stifling heat seemed to fly by and now I’m seeing back to school photos!  Don’t get me wrong, I love Fall!   Back to jeans and sweaters and pumpkin everything.  Plus my birthday is only a two months away!    Yet, I feel cheated somehow.

Accorsing to my wall calendar/goal chart, I’m supposed to weigh somewhere in the 140s by now to obtain my goal weight by October.   However,  I’m still 40 pounds away from that.   How did this happen?  Why won’t my body let go of those pounds?    Why am  I gaining and losing those same 8 pounds?     I’ve been pondering these questions as late and have a couple answers.

  1.  I’ve made a lot of excuses.  Sure I have a legitimate injury but it’s not like it prevents me from taking a walk or biking at the gym or even doing a modified workout at home.  Seriously, I have let it be an excuse for not doing the work.

2. I self-rationalize not eating well.  From I’m too busy to I’m too tired, to A little bit won’t hurt,  I have not been focused on my diet.     Take-out,   too many carbs, and letting dairy slip back on to my life have all been self-sabatoge.

3. I play the comparison game.  If my journey is ‘t exactly like that other persons journey then I must not be worthy of doing it.  Wallowing in comparison is painful. I started this journey because I wanted to and not for anyone else.  I just slipped along the way.


So, while I might not be at my goal. I know what I need to do to get there eventually.  I need to work on the things I can control and let go of the rest.

Bring it on Fall, I see you!




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