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High to Low

So, I probably should have written sooner.  That’s the funny thing, I just didn’t know what to say. I hate admitting when I’ve fallen off course, to me it’s a failure.  Yet,  reflecting over the last few weeks,  this isn’t a failure, it’s an opportunity to grow.

Shortly after my high moments,  I ended up sick with a virus for almost a week.  I didn’t exercise and ate what made me feel better.  The next week I just let that be an excuse. I have realized I like weights better than strict cardio and just haven’t clicked with my current workout. I also have had some tough times at my 9-5 job and I just let that overwhelm me.

Relunctently I stepped on the scale today.  It wasn’t pretty and I am sure some is just bloating from too much salt, dairy and not enough water. So,  I am taking this low and growing from it.

I am on a training trip this week but I am not letting that worrying me. I know what portions look like and I know that I have the on demand programs. So I am using it to focus and move on!




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