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Happy and Healthy Challenge

I am starting a 30 day challenge of using each of these oils, as recommended by Gary Young, each day and notice BIG results TOGETHER!
 sure you have your Harmony, Joy, White Angelica,and Valor! (valor II, Magnify You Purpose, Envision or Inspiration are all recommended as substitute for the original Valor)

The Happy Protocol By D. Gary Young, Founder Of Young Living
HAPPY PROTOCOL…This protocol was first shared by D. Gary Young, at a class in Wyoming in 1994, and has been used by thousands of people, since then, to help them live happier lives.
1. Valor – on the bottoms of the feet, or a single drop on one wrist and hold the other wrist to it for a few moments to balance the entire system.
2. Harmony – a single drop, over the solar plexus area (above the belly button).
3. Joy – a single drop over the heart
4. White Angelica – a single drop in one hand, rub hands together, and brush over the head, face, chest, shoulders, down the body, right over the clothes, as though applying an angelic shield.
If you will do these things every single day, it will change your life! Live healthy and happy. ♥
I am also going to do the 5-Day Nutrive Challenge to get my body balanced along with my emotions.  This is not a fast as I am still taking in some raw foods, but it is a digestive system cleanse. I am clearing myself of the toxins of packaged foods. Remember you may want to check with a physician before starting something like this.  

The 5 day Nutritive Cleanse includes Balance Complete shakes for meal replacement; Digest and Cleanse essential oil soft gels for digestive support and cleansing; and Ningxia Red for nutritional support in the form of protein, minerals and long-chain complex sugars to activate cellular metabolism. The shakes and NingXia red have low glycemic indexes which means the blood sugar remains constant and available over a longer period to prevent energy spikes and impulse eating between meals.

I also am training for a 5K race at the beginning of September!  I still have a long way to go to get where I want to be, but the journey always starts with the first step!

If you want to follow my daily journey or join me in one or both challenges, check out the Ying Yang Life Facebook page.

Remember take this information and lead your own Ying Yang Life!

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