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Half Way Point

So yesterday’s workout was Day 40.  I am official half way through this program. I have to admit, the first two weeks of this Phase has not been great.  I traveled home for my Grandmother’s memorial service and after that just had no motivation.   I pushed through some workouts but missed a couple as well.   I also did not eat as well as I had been.   However,  all is not lost.  This week I am back at it!

Even with those couple missing workouts, I am enjoying the building phase of this program. Weights are getting higher and my strength is noticeably better.  The object of Phase 2 is to build lean muscle so that we can use them to shred fat in Phase 3.

I am down 7 pounds and about 5.5 inches in these 6 weeks which is slow and steady losing, exactly what is recommended for better chances of maintaining in the future.

If you’d like to try it out yourself, click here!  I’d love to help you try it out yourself!

Day 1 vs Day 40





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