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God Moments

Sometimes you are lucky to have a God moment, I have had two in the past two weeks.  Maybe I am looking or listening more for the opportunities, as my journey begins to awaken something long hidden.

The first came last week when I met my fitness inspiration Autumn Calabrese of 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Total Body Chisel, and Country Heat among others.   I was completely at a loss for words. Only managed a weak “Hi” and a smile for the picture. What do you say to the woman you workout with every day, who pushes you when you don’t feel like it, and whose voice you hear with every decision?  I also got the chance to do a live workout with her and attend  QA session. It was an absolutely amazing experience and one I won’t forget. I knew at that moment this journey at this point in my life was where I was supposed to  be.


The second God moment came today at the Book Launch of “The Love Project” by Shani Godwin.  Her story is one of mental health awareness, emotional abuse, and the journey through the tough times to a better place. One of self acknowledgement and self love.   Her story is also my story. The parallels are uncanny and as I sat with tears streaming listening to her read the introduction, I again knew I was on the journey God had placed on my heart.   What will happen when I take just some of the love I generally give to others and put it into myself for 365 days? I’m not sure but I can’t wait to see where I am in a year!

Starting Inches 236.5

Current inches 209

Total Inches Lost 27.5

Starting Weight 192.4

Current Weight 182.6

Total Weight Lost 9.8 pounds

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