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Five Positive Ways to Start 2017 

We have an entire new year to accomplish all our goals and dreams. Even though I am not necessarily an advocate of “New Years” resolutions per se, I do think we can take advantage of all the positivity around us to discover the mind set that will carry us through the cold months until spring!

1. Spend some time reflecting and planning

As the cliche’ says, To get where we’re going, we have to know where we have been! Take some time to reflect on 2016. What worked, what didn’t, what do you want to repeat, what do you want to leave behind? Once you have this down, be ready to look forward and not back. Set measurable goals with specific time frames. An example:

1. Lose 25 pounds by June 1

2.schedule 1 date night with my spouse every month

3. Workout for 30 minutes every day 

Whatever it is, make sure it’s reasonable. This is not to say you can’t challenge yourself but don’t set yourself up for definite failure either. It may be a delicate balance and they may have to be reevaluated as the year progresses. 


Yes you heard me correctly!  This little word carries major negative connotation but it can actually be the best thing for us.  We can quit giving up on ourselves, quit eating poorly, quit bad health habits, or quit toxic relationships and activities. 

  Take some time this season to re-evaluate all of your involvements.  If it’s not bringing you joy, then quit.  No excuses, no waiting. Saying no is hard, especially if it’s an activity you’re quitting like a volunteer organization.Try saying not at this time instead.  You may eventually decide to go back once you have some breathing room.  

For other items, no needs to mean no permanently. Not if or when, just no, not ever again. It can be a totally freeing word if you let it!

3. Start Saving

One of my favorite plans is the 52 week plan.  You can easily google this concept and find many charts. The basic idea is to save a $1 the first week, $2 the second, and so on.  You’ll have over $1300 saved by the end of next year!   Enough to invest, use as an emergency fund, or reward yourself for a job well done!

4. Make sure you have a good self-care routine

Be it yoga, meditation, incorporating essential oils, or any other alternative therapy, invest in yourself and your care. I would also advocate that if you haven’t seen your primary care physician, it is also a great time to get in and have a check-up, have lab work done, etc. Having a baseline idea of your health can help you decide how to move forward in integrating other practices.  
5. Find something you love

When is the last time you did something just for yourself?  We often give so much to our children, work, significant others, that we lose our own wants and desires.  Pick an activity and schedule it. It could be joining a book club to let yourself read fiction again or it could be trying that class at the gym you’ve thought about but never seem to get to.  Just find a passion and make it part of your life again.

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