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Fat Girl 🏃‍♀️

Now that it’s been a little bit since I finished 80 Day Obsession, I’ve sorta been floating around in a fitness      abyss.  I haven’t been sure what I wanted to do next and honestly end of the school year activities and excitement was just too much to plan around.   So I really didn’t do much for the last couple weeks except a workout here and there.

I did start the new Beachbody nutrition plan, 2BMindset.  This is a perfect plan for me because it has loose guidelines but still holds you accountable to what your putting in your mouth by tracking with a food diary and the scale.   With other programs,  I would start off great, be very rigid, but the moment something threw me “off plan”, my perfectionist tendencies would see it as a failure and I would quit. Except not just quit, but go out in flames, usually by binge eating anything and everything.   With this program,  I have yet to feel like any option is failing.  I have learned quickly what might make they scale go up and down but I’m using it just as a source of progress and learning what my body like (and doesn’t, hello bloat from Chinese food)!

I did decide on a whim to sign-up for a 5K.  I have not done any running in probably a year but I knew J was in better shape than I have been for awhile and figured I would give it a try, even if so had to walk the whole way.   I finished in a time of 52:56…. about a 16:32 min/mile pace.   Yep, I’m slow but I finished!    It also reminded me of why I like  being on the road,  there is a zen about running/walking any distance.

After that, I knew what my next goal was.  I have been saying for at least 4 years that I want to finish a 1/2 marathon.  Just to prove to myself that I can do hard things.   So after reading the great book, “A Beautiful Work in Progress” by Mirna Valerio and starting “Running with A Police Escort” by Jill Grunenwald,  I pushed submit on my registration to the 2018 Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon – Virgina Beach!   It’s a little more than 90 days away so I jumped on my running app,  found a training plan, and today was my first training run of 3 Miles. For now I’m loosely following the Jeff Galloway  method of Run-Walk-Run.  I did 0.1 mile intervals and felt like I could breathe the entire time and wasn’t entirely dead at the end!

In between runs I’ve started a Little Obsessed and plan to re-do 80 Day Obsession as my cross-training Days! That and my new found mindset, I am hoping to get my time down to a consistent 15ish minute mile for the whole 13.1, that would put me in under 3:30 and the course limit is 4 hours.  I know I’ll be in the back but I will finish!  For know, beware #fatgirlrunning




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