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Fall Equinox: Feel the Balance

So the Fall Equinox has just passed and for me it feels like a great moment to pause and reflect. The business of summer has come to a close and the routine of fall (especially if you have school age kids) has finally taken it’s place.

Night and day are essential equal and at least here on the East Coast is moving towards milder temperatures. There are still some days that seem to want to cling to summer for a bit longer. For this period of time though, it feels like there is a bit of balance for me.

Soon the rush of holidays will be upon us and the cold will set in along with dark overtaking the night. This is the time where it is easy to slip in to some negative emotions. It will be as important as ever to find and maintain good self care.

Enjoy this time and use it to reflect on the time that’s passed. Is there something you need to finish before the end of the year? Do it now before the hustle and bustle starts. Enjoy this time and live in the moments happening now.

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