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Emotional Takeover

This week the emotions have taken over and it has been a struggle.  The decision that no pet parent wants to make had to happen this week. Our 11 year old foxhound mix, Cheyenne, fought cancer for two years but it took it’s toll and we let her cross the rainbow bridge on Tuesday.  She was with me through the beginning and end of one marriage, my recovery from emotional abuse, meeting the love of my life and my marriage to my best friend, and the birth of our son.  She has been my confidant and the fur have cried into the most. Yet, it was the best decision and a I know she is now whole and at piece.

Going through the grief process unfortunately made me realize I have a way to go with my emotional eating.  I may have eaten a sleeve of Thin Mints and way too many other comfort carbs. However, I am trying to give myself grace and not count myself out. It is a learning experience every day of this journey!

I also have been struggling with this round of workout. I am currently following a program designed to increase strength and endurance. While my heavy weights have gone from 5lbs to 10 or 12.5, I have not seen the scale change much.  I know that this is setting me up for success as I transition to a more fat burning program next week but I can’t help to feel like I need more.  The mental journey is showing itself to be harder than the physical journey.

So I am taking this last week of weight training and really dialing in my nutrition and making the most of it!

Starting total inches 236.5

current total inches 213

Inches lost 23.5


Starting weight 192.4

Current Weight 188.2

Total weight loss 4.2

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  1. Losing a pet to the rainbow bridge is never easy. I’m glad you took some time for yourself but aren’t giving up! Big hugs and lots of love coming your way!

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