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Declutter your Social Media

Social media is so common place now you almost can’t go online or use a smartphone app without an account.  Globally, we spend over 2 hours on social media daily.  Yet many people also complain about the lack of time to engage in hobbies or family activities.   All this time can actually impact our physical and mental health and it could even be the next crisis for our youth.

Social media does have it’s positive aspects as well.  Staying connected to friends and family across the globe is certainly nice. As is connecting to other like-minded individuals in groups and on pages in all varieties of interests.  There are also many businesses small and large that only exist because of and on social media.   So, going social media free is not necessarily the answer and would likely prevent future world progress. However, managing your personal presence on social media can be done in such a way that can break you free from the binding chains and help you gain back some of that time to do off-line activities.

Go through your group membership

Groups on Facebook can be both a blessing and a curse.  They connect you with and allow you to engage with others.   Products are bought and sold and communities formed within groups. However, they also can become super overwhelming when friends and acquaintances online add you without asking first.   Before you know it you’re in over a 100 groups (as I found myself recently).   My strategy for group management is to first leave all of the Product Parties and Fundraising groups that I have been added too.  Likely the event is long over and the group is no longer active.   Once that is complete, I look at the groups that are left and determine if my interests still align with the group.   If they do, I also look at if I have engaged with that group in the past 2 weeks either by liking or commenting on a post.  If I haven’t, it may not be the best first currently and I will leave those as well.   This leaves me with a small set of groups in which I am engaged and that I am willing to invest my time in daily.

Filter your friends

Everyone has those people on their timeline who’s posts are either uninteresting or sometimes even offensive. Yet, we don’t want to offend them so we tolerate the clutter. The better thing to do for our personal happiness is to unfollow them. The best part is they will never know you’re not seeing their posts. This will leave your off-line relationship intact if you so choose. Conversely, you can also chose people that you want to see first by marking them as close friends, so that if you are only spending a few minutes, you’ll see he best posts first. Lastly, if you have friends who post quality items but also post a ton of Facebook games as well, you can unsubscribe from their photos, games, or life event posts!

Keeping it Up

Once you get things cleaned up, you’ll want to keep it that way. Check your group memberships at least once a month. For friends, it’s easy to just unfollow or unsubscribe from update types right from the feed. So if you find yourself not enjoying a persons post, take care of it in real time using the tips above.

Lastly, please monitor your time on social media. It’s so easy to go down the rabbit hole and find yourself reading an hours worth of InstantPot recipes instead of actually cooking dinner! If you have to, set a time and limit ourself to 10-15 minute sessions. I promise you, once you cut back, you won’t miss it and you’ll start enjoying the real world more!

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