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So, this week was the last week of my muscle/strength building workout. Here are the official results:


As you can see, some mixed results.  However, I am excited that I know I have gotten stronger. Using 10lbs for lights and 12.5lbs for heavy is awesome!

I really attribute a lot of my success so far with cleaning up my eating and meal prep.  It started small really, I had already cut out most red meat except the occasionally eating out of steak or a burger.  I watched a few documentaries such as Forks over Knives and It Starts with Food and decided I wanted to go for a more plant l-based diet.   Mostly for health benefits but you can’t deny their are definitely issues in the production of all animal products in this country.   I will say if I had a chance to raise chickens I would probably still eat eggs and if I had a source for milk from a small dairy farm I might still drink milk. But guess what,  I actually feel so much better not eating those things. I won’t say I NEVER eat them, I do still like the occasional real pizza (although I eat far more with no cheese or vegan cheese). I also still use flavored creamer in my milk(guilty pleasure).

For my next round of fitness, I am following an extreme 21 day meal plan and fitness routine.  Designed to really shred pounds I am upping my game in meal prep. There are no cheat meals here!   Here is a look at some of the things I prepared!

Great tip is to portion out your soups like I did here then freeze.  Once solid I pop out and put in a zip lock. Will last 3-6 months that way!


Starting total inches 236.5

current total inches 217

Inches lost 19.5

Starting weight 192.4

Current Weight 187.6

Total weight loss 4.8



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