No Facebook Friends

Yesterday, I took a drastic measure, I turned my Facebook profile into a Page and deactivated my account. Essentially unfriending all 1100+ “friends” on Facebook. I then set-up a new Facebook profile, with no friends! I rejoined my favorite groups, and am slowly following pages that provide meaningful content. Why would someone do that in… Read More No Facebook Friends


Start getting real

What happens when you start getting real….. we spend so much time in a social media, everything is awesome mindset, we’re not being truthful to ourselves. I recently took a short break from social media, took the apps off my phone, and sat with myself on what was actually happening in my life. The picture… Read More Start getting real


Reason vs Excuse

I have been challenged the last few days to really take a hard look at things and decide if I have a solid reason or if I’m making an excuse. I’ve taken some time off of exercising due to my quad issue. I said I would still do some things fa like arm and abs… Read More Reason vs Excuse

Emotions, Finance

The Year of Less

According to ValuePenguin,   the average credit card debt in America has been rising.  Furthermore, in recent years, more people have a higher debt amount than those even a decade ago. In just the last few days I have had some major realizations on just how bad my own debt is and the fact that… Read More The Year of Less