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80 Day Obsession: Week 2

Week 2 is done ya’ll!   Wow,  this week was rough and really tested my mental strength.   I had a mid week dinner meeting which went well.  I skipped the wine and dessert!    Then Friday rolled around and I had dinner and saw Les Miserable with my bestie.  I admit I did have a glass of sangria but hey it’s about the long game and making this a sustainable lifestyle.  Despite the few bumps I’m down 4 pounds and 4 inches!

Again meal prep and packing the right combination of foods was key!   I did realize I need to try making half recipes because I tire quickly of eating all the same things. Weekends are also tough because my schedule isn’t nearly as predictable so eating at the right times was a bit tough.

Beyond meal prep, I did allow myself to eat out once with the family during the week. I checked where we were going before hand, made sure I knew what fell into the meal plan for that meal, and ate out without overdoing it or falling off plan!

The workouts had a new twist this week. Instead of 2 X 15 sets,  we did 3 x 10 and went a little heavier.  Major muscle and calorie burn!  I have never been more ready for my rest and stretch day.

Here are some quick shots of my week:



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