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80 Day Obsession: Week 1

This week was all about learning and finding a routine that works.    I’m happy to report I made it through with just a few slips and already feel stronger and tighter.  We’re not allowed to weigh ourselves until after week 2 so I’ll report back then!

The key for me was meal prep and scheduling.    I prepped a lot of protein, veggie, and carb options which allowed me to just measure portions, combine, and go.    It was a big mix and match game but it helped add variety to the regimented eating plan.

Speaking of the Plan, I am eating at a minimum 1800 calories daily, this includes 7 vegetable servings, 6 protein servings, 3 carb/starch servings, and 3 fruit servings, plus a serving each of healthy fat and seeds. Yes that is a ton of food and there were days when food didn’t appeal to me at all. Yet strangely other days when I was starving!   Definitely had to remind myself to trust the process more than once.

Beyond meal prep, I did allow myself to eat out once with the family during the week.   I checked where we were going before hand, made sure I knew what fell into the meal plan for that meal, and ate out without overdoing it or falling off plan!

Enough about foos, although it certainly seemed everything  revolved around food this week.  I’m sure you want to know about the workouts.

This program features a different workout every day, for the full 80 days!    This is why it’s only available through Beachbody on Demand and in my opinion one of the best programs they have ever done! The other unique quality is the filming is done day by day and the feel is much more of a class you might take at a gym than a fitness video.  Autumn Calabrese talks to the background cast and the camera just as if she were instructing a local class.  It is very inviting and enjoyable. It also feels much more doable as you see the cast struggle right along with you! There is also a modify to help those who may have injury , movement restrictions, or just need to bring the intensity down a notch.

Here are some quick shots of my week:






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    1. Yes I am a Beachbody Coach and can get you started on Shakeology! Message me on Facebook or use the contact form and I’ll get you more information!

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