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80 Day Obsession: Phase 3

Total honesty here, I have struggled this phase. I have not done all the workouts and my nutrition has not been on plan. I have been struggling with my depression and anxiety which makes my energy super low.

It’s not because of the program, I actually have loved the workouts I’ve gotten in. They are once again a step up in difficulty but I am so much stronger than Phase 1 so they are not impossible. Cardio Flow which I was not a fan of Phase 1 gets even more interesting Phase 3 with changing up the day to Tuesday and doing 8 rounds of 4 reps straight through! When you get through it is an amazing accomplishment.

The program is also definitely focused on shredding by getting you into the cardio burning zone every workout. There are also increased plyometric moves as well. If Phase 2 was all about shoulders, Phase 3 is all about the legs and burning the big muscle groups!
There is less than 20 days left in this phase. I am going to try and recommit these last three weeks!

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