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80 Day Obsession: End of Phase 1

I am combining week 3 and week 4 in my post. The end of week 3 was a bit of an emotional blur as my 94 year old grandmother was hospitalized.  She passed on 2/5 as did a dear family friend.  So the beginning of week 4 wasn’t fantastic either.   However,   the trials I faced probably taught me more about myself than expected.

Lesson one – I can do hard things

These two weeks were three sets of 10 and then two sets of 15, working specific body parts to the maximum.     I was able to up my weights and push every day to get better.  Personally, I was able to deal with the pain without turning to any old vices.   Grief is hard, but not impossible to get through.

Lesson 2 – Preparation is key

I know I’ve said this before but it is so true.  I wouldn’t be nearly as successful these two crazy weeks without having meal prepped.  Just having the good choices available was key to not giving in to my cravings.    I may have had one diet soda but nothing else from the vending machine at work that used to be my lunch source!  On the personal side,  when I realized his hospitalization for my grandmother was not likely to have a positive outcome, I mentally prepared, allowed myself to feel the grief but also reminded myself of the good.  I also reminded myself that she knew the Lord and ai didn’t not have to worry about the outcome. In the end she would be whole, either way.

Phase One is done and I am ready to crush Phase Two!   My results disputed the stress is down 8 pounds and 4 inches!    Can’t wait to see myself in another 60ish days!





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