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5 Tips to Boosting Energy During Stressful Situations

Going through a stressful situation will often leave you exhausted and and even physically sick.  One reason is because your “flight or fight” mechanism is triggered.  This cascade of hormones including epinephrine and norepinephrine and will increase blood pressure, increased blood sugar, and a suppressed immune system.  Stay in this state for an extended period of time and you can see why it would leave you dragging and in need of a boost.  However, before you reach for the caffeine either during or after,  take some time to try these other methods first.

1. Try to maintain your sleep schedule 

This may certainly be easier said than done but honestly sleep is the best medicine!  Your bodies natural recovery mechanisms will kick in during this period.  You also will want to avoid naps, especially if you find it inhibiting your night time sleep. Check out more on sleep here.

2. Get some exercise in

Even if it’s just a brisk walk around the block, getting some physical movement in will counteract those building stress hormones. Try building in 30 minutes a day for exercise and schedule it just like any other appointment so it’s non-negotiable.

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3. Watch your diet

Stress can work both ways on appetite, some are unable to eat during the height of the situation and others eat to cope with the emotions.  Either way is unhealthy and will leave your body unbalanced.  Stick to thee meals and two snacks a day.  Avoid fast and processed foods when possible  as well as caffeine and alcohol  One quick tip is to try and eat a range of colors to ensure balanced nutrients.

4,  Support your immune system

There are many ways you can support your immune system during stressful times.  One very simply way is to ensure you are using healthy handwashing habits, especially during periods of peak illness.  Also consider adding a good quality multi-vitamin to your daily regimen, especially if you diet, as above is suffering  There are also a number of essential oils and supplements that can bolster immunity support.  Check out options here.

5. Prioritize and manage the situation

Some but not all stress is self-induced.  In the age of constant connectivity and visibility, it may be hard to find the appropriate balance and we end up with too many things on our plate. There are  ways we can take back the situation as well as change our reaction to it and minimize this kind of stress.

a) Take a serious look at your “to-do list”  and delegate those you can and remove those that are wants not needs. Adjust your self expectations and give yourself some grace

b) Don’t feel bad for saying “no”, let others know you appreciate their thoughts but you are unable to commit at this time

c) Share your feelings with friends. Schedule that much needed girls night to intentionally remove yourself from the situation for a time


2 thoughts on “5 Tips to Boosting Energy During Stressful Situations

  1. Thanks! I’ve been so stressed out and exhausted lately… but turning to caffiene for an energy boost always seems to make matters worse later on. I really appreciate this and look forward to implementing some of these suggestions into my life this week. Thanks so much!

  2. I love these tips! They’re so simple and yet SO important! I think I struggle the most with the sleep schedule but that’s because I have trouble sleeping even when I’m not stressed.

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