5 Online Resources to Consult Daily

Have you been wanting to improve your an aspect of your health but not sure what to trust? Everyone knows that not everything you read on the internet is true. So how do you begin when you want to make a change?

The five resources I have put together should get you headed in the right direction.

1. Natural Homemade Products

If you want to start replacing purchased chemicals with more natural alternatives, head over to Homemade Mommy for some excellent ideas and recipes.

2. Mindshift change

Photo Credit: Be A Warrior Queen


One of the hardest things to change is your mindset.  Often this holds you back and you just need permission to love yourself to move forward.  Raewyn over at Be a Warrior Queen can guide you through it!







3. Fitness

Nobody does fitness like Beachbody . Here’s a great example from YouTube!

4. Healthy Eating

In my opinion, Angela over at Oh She Glows is the winner in this category hands down. She offers absolutely amazing vegan recipes that utilized wonderful whole foods.  There isn’t a recipe I’ve tried so far that I haven’t absolutely adored.  There is even an app for that!

5. Family and Relationships

Pamela Hodges hits it out of the park with all of her projects.   From The Coastie Couple to Hodge Podge Moments and her newest project, Little Learning Moments, she inspires and fills the internet with wonderful advice with a twist of humor and reality.


Check out these and you’ll be well on your way to a YingYang Life!

Leave your favorites in the comments!

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