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Miracle Morning

So I read a new book, The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM), by Hal Elrod, during a recent business trip and it really hit home. So I decided to give his 30 day challenge a try. For anyone struggling with motivation, relationships,positivity, direction, I would recommend trying it yourself. Find your balance and live a Ying Yang Life.
Day 1: Felt amazing, maybe it has to do with the fact that the toddler stayed in his bed the whole night, or that my husband and I had connected emotionally in a way we hadn’t in awhile, as we stole those few hours before bed alone. I woke up earlier than the alarm ready to start the new adventure. While I still struggled with the meditation, I loves finding my affirmation (I am the healer and the healed) and visualizing where so wanted to be. I got my exercise in and felt strong. I started reading a great book I had been putting off, and came up with some ideas for this blog and my business (look for a new free gift soon).
Day 2: Up 30 minutes earlier due to work schedule. This was a rough one. The toddler climbed in bed around 3am but who can deny him when he brought his own “big boy pillow”. All I wanted to do was go back to sleep during meditation and affirmation time ( and may have dozed a moment or two). Leg day was a struggle due to my ongoing foot injury so it just made me mad. The book I am reading is really pushing me so I felt vulnerable and off after reading the chapter. Only the writing portion helped get my head back to a peaceful place. Of course, maybe that’s the intent in the first place, you can’t skip the messy parts or the reward isn’t as great. 
Day 3 Boy is change hard. I committed a miracle morning no-no and hit the snooze button for 8 more glorious minutes of sleep. Seriously, those 8 minutes were fantastic at the time, except then I felt rushed and off the rest of the hour I have set aside for myself. Funny how just the smallest snag can set the tone of the morning. My mind wandered more than normal during meditation leaving me unfulfilled. I just felt week during my exercise portion until I realized I had not yet had any water. Amazing how that first glass in the morning makes a difference. My self lesson is don’t get distracted from your goal. Sure in life you have to roll with the punches sometimes but there are plenty of times we choose to let ourselves get distracted from the things we really want and those are what hold us back. 

Day 4: Short day – early meeting and admittedly low motivation. But I made it count. Quick affirmation of my life purpose and a minute of silence followed by a quick writing in my wellness journal (www.amylatta.com) and this entry and I was ready to start the day. Yes I chose to make it a rest day for exercise but we all need those from time to time. Plus with physical therapy starting my foot was screaming at me anyway.
Day 5: Blessed Saturday, no alarm clock set. I know I wake before my boys so I had no reason to believe I wouldn’t get my morning me time in. Meditation and affirmation came easily. Pushed myself through my exercise to do just a little more. Ready for the day before 9am and feeling fabulous!
Day 6: Longer meditation today really centering myself for the week. I really think this morning routine is helping in all aspects already. I have actually gotten into good dream-inducing REM sleep the last two nights. I feel rested when I awake regardless of how many hours I am getting. I am motivated to get things done during the day and enjoy my stress free evenings.
Day 7: Focus on the workout today, starting a new round of 21 Day Fix. Tough workout but feels good to move and push. I won’t say getting up is any “easier”, especially with a two year old who didn’t sleep well but I keep doing it knowing I am reaping the benefits.  

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