101 Things in 1,001 Days

March 12, 2017

If you’re wondering why I made this list or want some guidelines to make your own, check out the Day Zero Project . I actually would like to finish in 959 days, my 40th birthday! I will also write about each item as I complete it, mostly for my own memory, but feel free to click on the link of any completed Thing to follow along. Finally, if you decide to start your own list, tell me in the comments so I can follow your journey too!

This is gonna be fun.

  1.  Run a 1/2 marathon This has been on my “bucket list” for awhile. I have even started and stopped training several times.
  2. Take an art course Because I love Paint Nites and I have been so focused on science for so long. Time to do something else and use the other part of my brain
  3. Visit The Northeast I have been to almost all 50 states. Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine are left in the continental United States
  4. Visit Alaska This will be the last state need to complete all 50. Plus I have some girl friends living there I need to visit!
  5.  Read 150 booksI have always been a reader but I don’t make as much time anymore as I should. This will encourage me to make time.
  6. Purchase our dream house Open concept on 3-5 acres with chickens, a barn, and a place for the dogs to run
  7. Find a Vegan German Chocolate Cake recipe It’s my favorite and also one of the richest most decadent I have had. Yet since I changed my diet I haven’t enjoyed a piece
  8.  Write my memoir of overcoming depression and mental abuse I have had hard times, yet I made it through. I want to inspire others with this
  9. Make 30 new dinner recipes. More importantly write down those that work the best and make it a cookbook of sorts for my son. I am a fly by the seat of my pants cook and can’t get the recipe the same way twice
  10. Take a yoga teacher course I would love to improve my practice, what better way then to teach others
  11.  Lose 50 pounds I am on this journey already and documenting at Fit With Emotion
  12. Eat at 10 new restaurants in town. We have our favorites but we used to explore more. Time to get back to it
  13. Go camping more We have a trailer, we need to use it. Would love to do this once a month APRIL – October
  14. Mommy-Son date once a month We do a lot as a family and a lot just Louis and I, but not necessarily things focused on what Louis wants to do. I want to have him pick his day and activity
  15. Start my bullet journals again They keep me organized…if I use it. Time to dust it off and start again
  16. Try kickboxing Is it really a thing or just a fad? Have seen those who have done really well with it
  17.  Host a “favorite things” party. Have you ever seen these? Everyone brings enough of their favorite thing to share with everyone else? Sounds fun
  18. Knit a blanket I should say learn to knit but why not go big or go home!
  19. Get a manicure monthly. My nails are always chipping, peeling, and plain. Why not treat myself
  20. Participate in a bar trivia night. I’ve never done it, sounds like an awesome time. I have friends who know some very random facts. I think we would dominate
  21. Ask 15 friends on coffee dates. Becoming a mom disconnected me some from friends. I would love to get those adult relationships back
  22. Do a dinner potluck once a month. We kind of do this off and on but friends get busy. I want to ensure we stay connected and do it at least once a month
  23. Date my husband once a month The YMCA offers a parents night out but we aren’t great at utilizing it. We need to reconnect just the two of us every month
  24. Take a weekend for me once a quarter. Not only is it healthy to get away from everything , getting away along can be healthy to reconnect with yourself. Your wants, dreams, and desires
  25.  Watch the Marvel movies in chronological order. Yep. This is a thing I need to do
  26. Try sky diving Maybe not out of a plane, because I don’t actually like planes that much and jumping out seems silly. But one of those indoor places seem fun
  27. Take Louis to Disney Before he gets to big, I want him to experience the magic through the eyes of a child
  28. Do a 100 mile bike ride Because why not and there are some great charities to raise money for
  29. See family in Europe I haven’t been in over 10 years. I don’t want to lose that connection so I need to go soon
  30. Learn the guitar. I have always wanted to and just bought a Fender acoustic to teach myself on.
  31. Teach a Sunday school class My faith has always been important to me but I have also slipped. I think teaching would entrench that faith in my life even more.
  32. Take a cooking class I know the basics but would love to learn some techniques and tips plus we have a culinary school nearby
  33.  Ride a horse. I used to do this as a kid and it’s been awhile. I just want to ride and enjoy nature
  34.  Get my HAM license. My hubby is really into radios and communication. Plus it would be handy while traveling or during search and rescue missions
  35. Get scuba certified I have done some shallow dives but would love to finish my certification. Being underwater is peaceful and amazing
  36. Put together my son’s baby book Oh,like ever new mom I had big expectations for myself. Almost four years later, not a page filled out
  37. Have a SPA day Not just a massage but a full day of pampering (facial, mani/pedi, hot stone, etc)
  38. Get our family’s photo taken We’ve done some Christmas studio pictures but time to utilize our talented photog friends and do some awesome outdoor pics
  39. Go to a genuine drive-in I know they still exist somewhere and popcorn and candy under the stars while cuddled together with my love, yes please
  40. Do 10 pull-ups in a row. Like no assitance, full body weight pull ups. This is my arm goal!
  41. Take Louis strawberry picking. We buy every summer and there is even a Strawberry festival close.
  42. Go to the circus End of an era is close, this is a 2017 goal
  43.  Reread the Lord of the Rings Classics and they have sat on my shelf too long. Then I’ll rewatch the movies
  44. Kayak on the ocean. This should be easy to complete. Lots of places near home offer lessons
  45. Foster a dog or two. There are so many that could be rescued if they had temporary housing. Seriously, if I ever win the lottery we’re opening a rescue
  46.  Go on a cruise One of our favorite ways to vacation, this needs to be booked ASAP
  47. Commit to no phone days To combat the electronic addiction, I really find it better to give them up entirely one day every week. More time to read and connect with family
  48. Write a novel. I really enjoy post apocalyptic science fiction, maybe I’ll try my hand at that
  49. Make a wreath for the different seasons I love the way these look on my door at work but they can be so expensive. Pinterest ideas and a trip to Michaels should be easy enough… what could go wrong?
  50. Try glass blowing They offer classes at the art museum and it sounds amazing
  51.  Line up for an opening Because who doesn’t want to do something crazy very once in Awhile and usually it results in free products, and who doesn’t love free products?
  52.  Visit all the Smithsonian Museums My mother-in-law lives outside Washington DC so we have lodging. We just need to take time time to do the tourist things. Natural History and Air and Space on the top of the list
  53.  Host a Friendsgiving. We’re always out of town it seems for Thanksgiving. I really want to host one for friends and family soon
  54. Open or collaborate on a business I have several ideas and would love to implement one of them soon
  55.  Set up an office space. I typically work on the couch or the bed. I want a dedicated working and writing space just for me….-and maybe a library nook
  56. Make a Little Free Library I need to share my love of reading. What better way to do so and maybe meet some neighbors
  57. Stay in more bed and breakfasts – Great alternatives to the traditional hotel and always hosted by interesting couples
  58. Do a weekend girls trip. Who doesn’t need time to hang with some girl friends, drink wine, and have an adventure or two.
  59. Buy myself flowers at least a dozen times. Fresh flowers are just a must and bring so much joy and color into a home or office
  60. Get expensive heels. Shouldn’t a girl own at least one pair that don’t come from Target?
  61. Go to a show in New York. I adore Broadway and it’s been far to long since I attended a production there
  62. Go to a Mom Prom Because what women doesn’t want to get dressed up every once in awhile and dance the night away
  63. Host some kind of exchange – clothes, books, home stuff, etc. Buying new stuff seems unnecessary when my friends have beautiful things they’re looking to share.
  64. Bake something every week from my cookbooks. I hate baking. As much as I love cooking, I am a horrible baker. I skip those sections in my cookbooks but now it’s time to try something new
  65. Make a new head board. I have had the same one for probably 8 years. Time for a change
  66. Go see a movie by myself at least once every six months. This is one of my favorite things to do and I think the last movie I saw was Finding Dori. Not cool!
  67. Buy a piece of art from a local artist. We have a lot of summer festivals. I need something new to look at and inspire me.
  68. Take Louis to the planetarium He loves all things space. Would it be cool to see things with a giant telescope?
  69. Go to more book readings or open mike nights . Seriously craving more creativity in my life. I need to seek these out
  70. Go back to Drake Relays. Such good memories from pharmacy school. I would love to share that weekend and the campus with the hubby
  71. Hire a house cleaner . Who doesn’t want to come home to a clean house? My mom has had one as long as I can remember, I would love it
  72. Pay off all our credit card debt. Need to do this one before buying our dream home.
  73. Attempt a family friend vacation. We’ve done this before and it’s oh so much fun. Making memories is the best thing ever.
  74.  Visit Canada. I have heard Ontario and Quebec should make my list.
  75. Take a Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives trip. My hubby loves road trips. Make it more fun by eating our way through it at some great places
  76. Learn to paddle board Seriously I live 15 minutes from the beach, it shouldn’t be hard to find a way to complete this
  77. Learn to quilt I want to make a quilt from old t-shirts we have around the house
  78. Hike the Pacific Coast trail perhaps not practical to do the whole thing but would like to do a week by myself
  79.  Follow my morning routine every day for a month (at least). Goal is to meditate, read some personal development, journal ,and exercise every morning
  80. Plant some Geocaches Who doesn’t like a scavenger hint and some of the CEO cache containers are super tricky!
  81. Do a No Spend Month As in no discretionary spending. No coffee out, meals from the pantry and find free activities for fun.
  82. Give handmade gifts for Christmas I would love to replace the consumerism of the season with real love and gratitude
  83.  Speaking of gratitude, keep a gratitude journal for a month. Keeping track of the things you’re grateful for can really promote self growth
  84. Random acts of kindness Try to do one small thing every week for someone else and one large thing every year
  85. Establish a six month emergency fund. Saving has never been easy for me, seems something always comes up
  86. Volunteer locally once each month community service has always been a passion and I want to learn more about my community by helping
  87.  Vote in every election for a year sure voting in the large elections are important but so are the local elections, maybe even more so
  88. Take a trip with my siblings because they are important to me and I’d love to spend a full weekend getting to know them better.
  89. Work on our family tree Try at least a couple hours a month. My grandmother and her brother are aging and I want to verify as much history as I can
  90.  Create a backyard oasis it needs drainage, cleaning up, and landscaping
  91. Have boudoir photos taken – Every women should feel comfortable in her own skin and not be afraid to show it
  92. Attend a wine tour in California (or Italy) I love a good red so this would be awesome
  93. Donate to a kickstarter Because every entrepreneur has to start somewhere
  94. .Give 5 “just because” gifts to someone who needs a pick me up Better to give than receive
  95. Try one new alternative treatment Maybe cupping or biofeedback
  96. Go on a mission trip Each time I see a friend do this it makes me want to join them, next time I will
  97. Attend a NASCAR race Fast cars and people watching, what more could a girl want?
  98. Attend a Ted Talk in person What better way to get inspired than to listen to someone else’s story
  99. See every Oscar nominated movie in 2018 I never have any idea why movies win or lose, maybe if I see them I will
  100. Inspire someone else to make their list What’s better than a challenge? Who will help me mark this one off?
  101.  Document each of the 101 Things to make them real and to remember. And that’s what’s happening here. You can click on individual items to get their report!

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