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The Year of Less

According to ValuePenguin,   the average credit card debt in America has been rising.  Furthermore, in recent years, more people have a higher debt amount than those even a decade ago. Photo credit: Supermoney.com In just the last few days I have had some major realizations on just how bad my own debt is and… Read More The Year of Less


Year of Less: Week 2 & 3

The past two weeks have been a learning experience.   Being in the east coast, most was spent bracing for Hurricane Florence.  Once we realized we would be spared from the majority of the storm, my husband got the call that he was needed to respond with the disaster management team.   I then prepared… Read More Year of Less: Week 2 & 3


Year of Less: Week 1

So,  first official week of my Year of Less.  So many lessons this week.   First,  there are so many ads for so many things surrounding us.    It’s heartbreaking how many different ways were asked to spend money every day.    No wonder you can walk into a big box store and drop $100… Read More Year of Less: Week 1

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Did you know that 1 in 5 American’s deal with mental health issues? 1 in 5….with suicide being in the top 10 causes of death. These numbers are staggering, especially when I am included in them. What I see as a patient and as a friend to many who also fight daily, the resources for… Read More May is Mental Health Awareness Month


2018 – Year of Accountability

Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else. Les Brown So many of us make resolutions every New a year and fail by the end of January (if not before).  I have in the past years talked intatead about yearly intentions… Read More 2018 – Year of Accountability


Simple Strategy to Save In 2018

Like many other end-of-year reviews, reflecting on finances is always a good idea. Forming a budget, controlling expenses, and setting savings goals should be at the top of the list. It is especially important because financial stress can even have health implications. Here are ways to maximize your financial goals: 1. Analyze your cash flow… Read More Simple Strategy to Save In 2018

Time Managmeent

Declutter your Social Media

Social media is so common place now you almost can’t go online or use a smartphone app without an account.  Globally, we spend over 2 hours on social media daily.  Yet many people also complain about the lack of time to engage in hobbies or family activities.   All this time can actually impact our physical and mental health and… Read More Declutter your Social Media

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Fall Equinox: Feel the Balance

So the Fall Equinox has just passed and for me it feels like a great moment to pause and reflect. The business of summer has come to a close and the routine of fall (especially if you have school age kids) has finally taken it’s place. Night and day are essential equal and at least… Read More Fall Equinox: Feel the Balance


Top 5 Back to School Pinterest Boards

I will fully admit I am not the creative room mom everyone envies!  I am likely to get store bought treats So as you probably do I turned to Pinterest to get ideas for back to school wellness, meals , and crafts. Here are my top five! School Lunches Catherine McCord at weelicious.com has some… Read More Top 5 Back to School Pinterest Boards